The Kapsa Gorge

The stunning Kapsa Gorge (or Pervolakia Gorge) is situated 7 km away from Lagada Resort.

Length of walk:  7 Kilometres 

Time: 3 – 4 hours round trip

Difficulty:  A little climbing and some steep descents.

Just seven kilometres drive from Lagada Resort you will discover the Kapsa Monastery which lies at the start of the stunning Kapsa Gorge. You can leave your car by the monastery before setting off towards the isolated, traditional settlement of Kato Pevolakia.. Enjoy the desolate and wild landscape as you walk the three and a half kilometres towards the settlement. The route is easily accessible and signposted but be aware that there are some challenging points requiring a little climbing.  In some parts the descent can be quite steep so sturdy walking boots are required.  You will be rewarded for all your efforts by some seriously impressive views.

Allow around two hours walking time from the start of the gorge to the Pervolakia settlement.  To make a long round trip, walk up the road from Perivolakia at the top of the gorge then take a left to Pezoulas from where there is a footpath down to Kato Nero, then back along the coast road to the car.

If you prefer to book a guided walk of the Kapsa Gorge this can be arranged through South East Crete Adventures on site at reception at Lagada Resort.  An experienced and knowledgeable guide will take you through the gorge at your own pace, pointing out things of interest as you go and giving you an insight into the nature and history of this amazing landscape.  Please click the link below and we will send you information and a booking form.

Please note that the guided walk is subject to weather conditions.